Why Lock-down is necessary?

Hello my dear friends. Through this article of mine I am going to discuss about the importance of lockdown. Many countries like UK, EU are partially in the degree of lockdown. Here by partially I mean they have bars, shops, gyms and have encouraged their citizens to stay at home. This way only we can avoid catching or spreading COVID-19 which is the respiratory illness we all are trying to fight against today.

But what is the purpose of lockdown? Anew study from the Imperial College London has explained that it is the way to reduce reproduction-which means to reduce the number of people infected by the confirmed cases. And the truth is it really works. Many countries have seen positive impact of lockdown in reducing COVID-19 cases.

It is the only way to reduce the number of increase in patients infected by coronavirus. Countries are doing their best to come out with the vaccine. But by the the time it is done lock-down is the need of the hour. And we all try to follow it with positive attitude and thoughts.