Why Breastfeeding is important for Mom and her Baby?

You all must have been aware of the fact that breast milk contains optimal nutrition for babies. And you must have heard this from your mothers and your mother in laws that it is easily digested and good for the babies. It contains right amount of nutrients and the best part is it is readily available. Here are some health benefits of breastfeeding which I am going to discuss with you all.

  1. Provides Ideal nutrition for babies- Most of the health authorities recommend breastfeeding for at least 6 months which should be then continued for at least one year while the other foods are also introduced to the baby’s diet. It contains almost everything which the baby needs for the first 6 months of life. The nutrients available in the breast milk are also in the right proportion. Colostrum which is the thick and yellow colour fluid produced during the first three days after the delivery is rich in proteins.
  2. Contains essential Antibodies- It is also loaded with antibodies which helps to fight off viruses and bacteria. It contains immunoglobulin A and other antibodies as well. These antibodies are passed to the baby during feeding. These antibodies form a protective layer in the baby’s nose, throat and digestive system. This protects the baby from getting infected.
  3. Promotes healthy weight- It prevents childhood obesity by healthy weight. According to the studies obesity rates are 15%to 30% lower in breastfed babies. These babies have higher amounts of beneficial gut bacteria which may affect fat storage.
  4. It makes child smarter- It has been observed that there may be a difference in brain development of formula fed and breastfed babies. It can be due to eye contact, physical intimacy and touch associated with breast feeding.
  5. It may help Mom to reduce weight- some of the women tend to lose weight effortlessly during their breastfeeding period. According to the studies during the first 3 months after delivery mothers may lose less weight than women who don’t breastfeed and they may even gain weight. But after 3 months of their lactation period they may experience an increase in aft burning.

These are some points which show the benefits of breastfeeding. Try not to give formula milk to the babies. And give your child a healthy gut and a healthy living ahead. I will meet you in my next blog. Lots of love.