What as a mom I wish people should understood..

Motherhood brings a bundle of joy. And this joy does not come alone. It brings judgemental comments and unwanted advice with it.

Through this article today I want to share my experience as a mother of two year old with you all. My son has just turned two and let me tell you all managing him alone is a very big task as he is a mischievous child who is full of curiosity always. He is always eager to know what his mamma is busy doing all the time. And keeps moving around me in the whole house.

Here I would like to mention that I am living in another country where I don’t have any domestic help. And I don’t have any neighbours living nearby to help me out. No doubt my husband is very supportive and caring. He is always there to help me out in different matters. But being a wife I also have to take care of my husband’s health also. So I can’t always ask him for the help as he also has to deal with many official problems the whole day. Being a senior he also has lots of responsibilities.

My only motive to share all this is nobody will understand the situation except you and your husband. So my friends don’t ever panic if someday you feel tired or frustrated. This is just the phase of life. Enjoy every moment of this. Don’t scold your child when you feel frustrated they also need your love and time. Discuss your problems with your life partner. And enjoy this parenthood to the fullest. Every day is a rollercoaster ride so enjoy this ride with your child and see him or her growing every day. Lots of love to all the mothers there. I will see you in my next blog.

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