Ways to look confident

We all want to make a good impression in our professional and social world but confidence is something really elusive. And it is not easy to look confident every time and in every situation. We all get nervous and feel low sometimes. So let us discuss some points here which can help to regain our confidence every time we need it.

  1. Eye contact- Eye contact is something which is very important to look confident even when you are lacking it. Otherwise you look scattered and inattentive. It is important to have an eye contact when you speak. And not only this  is also very important to maintain eye contact when you are listening to someone else. The more you break eye-contact the more shy you will look.
  2. Speak slowly and clearly- You should be clear when you speak. Speaking too quickly will make you appear less then confident. Always take your time with your sentences and think before you speak. Try to speak slowly and clearly.
  3. Hands should be visible- Try to make your hands visible whenever you speak specially in public. Your hands should be active and try to use them to make gestures while you speak. But yes don’t try to move them much. Make gestures whenever needed.
  4. Comfortable clothing- According to me clothes play a major role in raising our confidence. What I want to say is if we are wearing something in which are feeling relaxed and comfortable then we will automatically feel comfortable. And on the other hand if we wear something which is making us uneasy then we will lose our confidence and will be conscious of our dress only the whole time. For me it always works .Whenever I wear something which I like and feel relaxed then it automatically makes me feel active and comfortable.
  5. Knowledge- Don’t ever speak about anything without prior knowledge. It will make you look silly in front of everyone.  Give your thought in any gathering only when you have good information about the topic which you are talking about. It will make you look intellectual and smart.
  6. Read- Read different books and journals whenever you get time. It increases our knowledge and our time is utilised in something beneficial. Believe it my friends reading always makes you smart and comfortable. It always gives you something beneficial and interesting. So read and grab as much knowledge as you can.

Try to follow these points. I hope they may help you out in some way or other. Keep reading. I will meet you in my next blog. Lots of love.