Ways to be a positive mother

Being a mother we all want to have such a kind of relationship with our kids which overflows with trust, love and honesty. But sometimes without even realising it we create fear anxiety and mistrust which affects our relationship with our kids. Let us discuss some ways on how we can try to be a positive mother.

  1. Be Yourself- Just behave the way you are in front of your kids. Let them understand you. Don’t try to be a perfect mother as perfect is boring. Enjoy yourself with your kids. Just behave the way you want. They will be your friends in no time.
  2. Let’s share- Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with your kids even if they are not pleasant. Let them understand the reality of life. Let them know that parents also face different and then rise again. Be a good example. They will understand what exactly life is.
  3. Always apologize- Sorry is always welcomed my dear friends and by everyone. It is always good to set a powerful example before them by saying sorry for your mistake. It is not a big deal. Admit your fault and give example of respectful behaviour.
  4. Keeping your convenience aside is good sometimes- Don’t say yes all the time. But don’t stop your kids from doing something just because of your convenience. No doubt this is bit difficult but try to handle the situation smartly and then say No. Let them feel that their needs are also equally valid.
  5. Give them Hugs- Hug your child as many times as you can in a day. They need happy parents so behave like one. Let them feel secure and confident. You will definitely feel change in them.

We can try to follow these points to give our children positive upbringing. It will make them feel happy and confident. And they will always be proud of you.