Want to know How Thailand dealt with Corona?

Is it the Social distancing which is embedded in Thai culture- Means their habit of greeting others with a Wai- a prayer like motion.( Same As Namsakar in India ).

Actually no one exactly knows how Thailand has been spared and how it is dealing so smartly during this deadly pandemic called-Covid 19. But as we are staying here so I can surely point out some of the points which we know have surely helped people here to fight against this bad time. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Early adoption of mask- People here in Thailand started the use of masks much before the pandemic started to develop and took a hike. People were strictly asked to wear masks before they step out of their respective places and it was made compulsory at their work places to wear their masks for the whole time when they are in the premises of the office. And people followed it voluntarily without any complaints or excuses whatsoever.
  2. Awareness among people- I am living here in Thailand since last three years and one thing which is very appreciable about the people of this country is  they are very well aware of their health. They eat healthy and include natural herbs and roots in their regular meals.
  3. Health volunteers- All over the country multi-tasking health volunteers are working in villages near and far.They know their communities’ very well and each of them take care of up to 10 families.
  4. Deploying universal precaution- This is the only Asean country which has deployed the Universal precaution to fight against Covid-19. The public health officials urged people to wear their masks all the time and take very good care of personal hygiene. This great approach allowed most people to prevent this deadly virus from spreading.
  5. Resilient Thai Public- Not to forget here that without public participation and cooperation the outcome of all the safety measures taken by the government to control the spread of the virus was almost impossible. But it turned out they are very nimble when it comes to the overall sense of survivability. They followed all the instruction very honestly as they believe in the saying-to save oneself is a great task.

At last I want to end by saying that Thailand is really a country of smile .People stood together and saved not only themselves but their loved ones too. I will see you again. Stay safe and stay healthy. Khapunkha.