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Technology and Relations

Technology- The word which has simplified our lives in such a huge way that our lives revolve totally around it. No doubt it has helped us to achieve milestones in every field. It has almost changed every impossible to possible.

But if we talk about relationships and technology, then I must say that it has changed the whole definition of relationships. You all will relate and agree with this fact that there was a time when the whole family used to sit together and share their valuable time with each other. Today also they sit together but share their time with mobiles.

During festivals, we used to call our friends and family members to wish them and bless them. And this was not done as a duty but was done with pure feelings in our hearts.

And now we have made WhatsApp group in our so-called –Smartphones. We just put the message in the group and finish it up. It does not mean that now we don’t feel for each other but in spite of reducing our burden technology has made us so busy that we have become puppets of our mobiles and other electronic gadgets.

It has changed the way that people communicate with one another. Due to internet and cell phones, people are often expected to address work issues from home which automatically limits family interaction

Teenagers are so involved in social networking sites that without realizing what they are doing and with whom they are chatting they unknowingly put them in big trouble. This also takes them away from their parents as they spend more time on these social sites rather than with their families.

I only want to say that don’t let technology ruin your relationships. Use it for just the purpose it has to be used. Enjoy whatever spare time you get with your friends and family.

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