Solar Eclipse – Scientific and mythological facts

As we all know that we are going to experience an annular Solar Eclipse on June 21 2020. Now before coming to that let us discuss something about Solar Eclipse.

Some scientific facts-

Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between The Earth and the Sun which fully or partially blocks sunlight. It occurs when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are aligned. In an annular Solar Eclipse the Moon remains far away to completely cover the Sun’s disk. But in a partial Solar Eclipse only some part of the Sun’s disk is blocked by the moon.

Some Mythological facts- According to Hindu mythology people believe that harmful entities emerge during an eclipse and so people follow all the rituals strictly to evade them. It is considered inauspicious. The disappearance of the Sun, just for a short period of time is considered to be unhealthy.

And this year we are going to experience it on 21st June Sunday . This kind of eclipse is characterised by its stunning “Ring of fire”. It is not a total eclipse and edges of the Sun can still be seen around the Moon. It will be witnessed in many regions of the UAE.

Things to be avoided during Eclipse-

  1. Don,t look at the Solar Eclipse without protective gears for eyes.
  2. Avoid eating food during the Eclipse.
  3. Avoid cooking and drinking during Eclipse.
  4. Avoid non-veg food and alcohol during Eclipse as it can disturb your digestive system.

So my dear friends be more careful during this Eclipse. Have a good time with your family. Enjoy and have fun.