Precautions to be taken during first trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the phase of life when your body works overtime to grow a little human. And here we will discuss the first trimester of pregnancy which means first three months of pregnancy. So let’s move ahead and discuss the precautions to be taken during these three months. It is said to be a very crucial time as our systems and organs start developing during this period. One thing is to be mentioned here that physical changes will start in the body even before you know you are pregnant. Here are the precautions we should take in this period.

  1. Alcohol- Say big no to alcohol as it can affect an unborn baby’s brain. Try to avoid it strictly. It will be good for you and your baby.
  2. Medications- Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine as it can be really harmful. Some medications and supplements also can interfere with foetal development, damage the baby’s organs. It can also cause miscarriage and bring on premature labour.
  3. Recreational Drugs- These drugs cross the placenta into the baby’s system which can cause birth defects, stillbirth or miscarriage.
  4. Smoking- smoking restricts oxygen to your unborn baby and also passes on toxic chemicals. So it would be better to avoid smoking during pregnancy.
  5. Coffee- Coffee has lots of caffeine in it which can also affect your health. So try to have it in some limit.

These are some simple steps which can be followed to enjoy good health during pregnancy.

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