My first day in Thailand..

Hi friends! Today when I started to write this blog I thought of writing something different and unusual. So here I am. I will be sharing my experience of my first day in Thailand. Being a typical desi girl I never thought of moving to another country. But my destiny wanted something else and after almost two years of marriage we came to Thailand as my husband got transferred here.

I remember when I woke up that morning I was feeling very gloomy. It was raining outside which I don’t like much. Everything seemed very different. I was badly missing my family and my place in India. Nothing was making me feel good. I cried almost the whole day. My son was just nine months and there was no one to help me out.

But believe me my friends when you make wonderful people your friends everything seems to be very easy and good going. Almost after two months of coming here I met one of my friends. She came to me like an angel. She was the one who introduced me to all other Indian ladies. And now it’s almost two years we are staying here. But I never feel like I am staying away from my country. I have made a family away from a family. I really love them all. This post is dedicated to all of them who not only helped but accepted us as their friends and family.

The only reason to share this experience is I wanted to tell you all always give yourself a time. Never get anxious or nervous. Everything will happen on it’ own. And yes make friends. They never let you down.  Keep reading. I will meet you in my next blog where I will share my other experience with you.

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