Kefir – Authentic Milk Beverage from Northern Russia

Kefir, traditionally pronounced ke-feer’, but spoken as kee’-fer in the West, is a many-centuries-old cultured milk beverage from Northern Russia.

Kefir is a milk beverage which is very famous and is commonly used in Northern Russia. From the imp source collected by the experts, we have come to know that this drink is made with the use of Kefir grains and fermented milk is used for its preparation. It is used for many centuries and is liked a lot by many people.

This beverage has a tart in it and when we will consume it we will feel yeasty taste on our tongue as it liberates carbon dioxide. This is the main feature of this drink. This drink is very healthy and nutritious therefore it is consumed by a large number of people on regular basis. We can also make nutritious and delicious smoothies of kefir easily at our homes. The fermentation process of the milk denatures the milk protein. This process results in the breaking down of the protein in smaller pieces.

It is very easy to digest. There are lots of people who suffer from a milk allergy. These people also can consume kefir without any worry as it will not cause any harm to them. You will be amazed to know the fact that this drink has the ability to produce its own antibiotics that helps to eliminate unfriendly bacteria’s from the body. It also helps the human body by rebalancing the intestinal flora and also the acid of the stomach which helps to heal ulcers. The body part which gets the most of the benefit from this drink is colon as metabolism of the body is regulated and improves the digestion of the body. It improves the immune system of the body and increases the resistance to disease. Drinking this drink helps fade away eczema and other skin disorders. This drink is beneficial in many aspects.

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