How to style yourself…

Style is something which we talk and discuss about almost every day. We all want to look unique and stylish but on the other hand we don’t want to lose comfort zone also. Let’s move further and discuss some points on how to be unique and stylish without being uncomfortable.

  1. Try not to buy anything just for one occasion- you all will agree with me on this thought that we sometimes buy some dresses or accessories just for one particular occasion and then we keep it our wardrobes and never use them again as we all feel that we can’t repeat same thing in other occasion. But if while buying we consider this point in our minds that we should by something classic which if repeated in any other occasion with some other accessories it will look odd or repeated.
  2. Never buy anything which doesn’t fit- Let’s be honest to ourselves while buying anything. We should be realistic and should think twice before buying. If something doesn’t fit us properly then there is no use of buying just for the sake of buying and disposing it after.
  3. Say no to which doesn’t suit you- Now come on we all know inside that what kind of dress or attire suits us and what not. So don’t fool yourself just to copy others. It is not necessary that if something suits one person then it will go with your figure. Everyone has different body shapes. Next time be loyal to yourself.
  4. Not because of bargain- If we are getting something at low price especially during sales then it does not mean you should buy any useless item which you don’t even need. And most of us do this without even realizing how much time and money we are wasting. So buy what you need.
  5. Let’s get rid of something else- Before buying anything new first get rid of the old one. It will not only make your house messy but will also consume lot of space. Just for example if you need to buy a new fridge then my dear friends first get rid of the old one. It will make the space for the new and your room will also look good.
  6. New brands- yes! Brands should always be welcomed. They are somehow little heavy on your pocket. But they provide good quality and variety. It also gives unique and classy look.
  7. Know your wardrobe- Open your wardrobe and check it once in a month. You will come to know which thing is useful and which you need to dispose. Your wardrobe will look spacious and managed.
  8. Be simple- As they say simplicity never go out of fashion. Be what you are and wear a smile with confidence. Always face others with confidence. It will automatically make you look stylish.

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