Do you think teaching is a highly stressed profession?

It is a well-known fact that teaching is one of the most demanding and stressful professions. And you all will agree especially who are connected with this profession that large numbers of teachers these days are feeling a high level of stress. The problem is we are still underestimating the magnitude of this problem. This really makes the teachers to leave their profession. So I dedicate this post to all my friends there who are involved in teaching profession and especially to the one who gave me the idea of writing this.

Teaching has always been a stressful job as being a teacher they have to fulfil not only their student’s expectation but also of the society. I believe a good well-behaved teacher leads to well-behaved society. They always have to be on their toes to see their children doing best. The study says that for the classroom teachers their work load and marking is the biggest cause of stress. Not only this they also have the pressure to cover their curriculum on time while coping with their other responsibilities also. There are some ways which can help the teachers to reduce their stress.

  1. Deep breathing- Take a deep breathing whenever you feel low or stressed. Get yourself relaxed for 5 min and then start again.
  2. Colleague friend- Friends are answers to all the questions. Talk to your colleague friend who you believe can always guide you better and can make you feel energetic again. Share your problems with that friend. Believe me you will definitely feel better.
  3. Class engagement- My dear friends try to involve the whole class while teaching to make your lesson more interesting. This way student will not only take interest in the lecture but will respect you more. They will listen and will not create any issue in the class. But involvement of the class should be interesting and related to the topic which you are teaching.
  4. Prepare yourself- Always prepare yourself in advance regarding what you will be doing the next day in the school. It will automatically increase your confidence and you will be ready to face any challenge. Students also respect those teachers who come well-prepared in the class. Confused teachers are not welcomed at all.
  5. Healthy lunch- Health comes first my friends. A healthy body leads to healthy mind. Always carry healthy and wholesome lunch with you. It will help you to be active the whole day. And your health will also not be affected.

I hope my friends this article of mine might help you. Keep reading. I will meet you in my next blog. Love you all.