Diwali cleaning.

Hi friends as we all know Diwali is coming near and the question which is haunting everyone’s mind these days is (How to clean and decorate our houses). I am not an expert to give you guidelines but I can try a bit to help you out.

1 One room at a time- Try to clean one room at a time. As when you will see your room neat and properly managed you feel satisfied and full of energy to move further.

2 Play music- You can also play music while cleaning it gives positive energy to work and makes us feel good.

3 Remove the clutter- Try to remove the clutter first and dispose off those which are not in use. It will not only help you clean the house but will make enough space for other things.

4 Welcome something new- Buy something unique and budget friendly for your living room. It will give new look to the room. Living room is the mirror of the house as everyone who comes to our place first enters the living room. And as they say first impression is last impression so add something new to the room.

5. Involve everyone- Engage everyone in this cleaning process. It will save your time and energy. And moreover cleaning your house with your family member’s gives mental happiness and satisfaction.

6. Give kitchen some special attention- Kitchen always needs special time and attention when it comes to cleaning. Divide the areas to be cleaned first and give some extra time to kitchen.

These are some ideas which might help you out while cleaning. Try these and give your replies in the comment section. I will see you in the next blog. Happy cleaning. Lots of love.

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