Why Suicide?

Hello my dear friends. Today I am going to discuss something really important with you all which has directly or indirectly disturbed everyone’s mind. You all must be very well aware of the news regarding Late Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. He was one of the best and talented Indian actor who started his career from […]

Why Lock-down is necessary?

Hello my dear friends. Through this article of mine I am going to discuss about the importance of lockdown. Many countries like UK, EU are partially in the degree of lockdown. Here by partially I mean they have bars, shops, gyms and have encouraged their citizens to stay at home. This way only we can […]


Business – A Profit Making System

Business is a word which we listen or speak almost every day. It is an activity for making money and profit. Business expands itself to a wide range from a street peddler to general motors. In simple words producing or buying and selling products including goods and services is called business. It is not necessary […]