Children’s Day ….

Children’s day is celebrated annually on 14th of November as a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister. It is celebrated across India. Many educational and motivational programs are held in schools and even colleges all over India. The motive of celebrating this day is to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children. […]

My first day in Thailand..

Hi friends! Today when I started to write this blog I thought of writing something different and unusual. So here I am. I will be sharing my experience of my first day in Thailand. Being a typical desi girl I never thought of moving to another country. But my destiny wanted something else and after […]

Thailand-A country of smile

Travelling to Thailand is like a breeze, as it is a tourist friendly place and has tourist friendly policies and infrastructure. Hotels are also well-suited for leisure travellers. It is always fun for people all around the world to visit Thailand especially The capital-Bangkok and the famous tourist place Pattaya where you will easily find […]

Diwali and its celebration…

Diwali as we all know is the most popular festivals of Hinduism which symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. People in India wait eagerly for this festival for the whole year. It is the time for vibrant colours, fireworks, twinkling lights and delicious foods. Preparations start by cleaning the […]


Dhanteras is basically made of two words. Dhan which means wealth and Teras which means the thirteenth day. It falls on the 13th lunar day of Krishna paksha in the month of Ashwin. This year it will celebrated on 25th Oct. It is believed that worshipping goddess laxmi and bringing new things on this day […]

How to raise a well-Behaved kid…

We all want our kids to be amazingly well-behaved. We want them to follow and family rules. We feel ourselves on sky-high when our kids listen to us and surprisingly follow what we say. But getting these surprises from our kids is not that easy. It is a two-way concept. First we should change ourselves […]