Amazing Breakthrough Technologies

When we are talking about a breakthrough in technology we are surely looking for a collection of technologies that will have a profound effect on our lives. Here is a list of some innovations which will surely help us to know more about a breakthrough in technology.

Artificial embryos- The most fascinating and surprising breakthrough which we have seen recently is embryologists of the University of Cambridge in the UK have grown mouse embryos. These look very real and are made using only stem cells without any egg or sperm. They are made by just plucking the cells from another embryo.

Sensing city- Smart city schemes were very much in news in the recent past. Numerous cities tried to achieve their ambitious goals. Toronto has started a new project in this sphere called Quayside which will focus to change the pattern by rebuilding an urban neighborhood using the latest digital technologies.

Some of their projects want to base their decisions on design and policy. They want to take information from different networks to gather data on everything.

Data and analytics- One basic instance of big data and analytics is its reliance on geospatial analytics. Its function is to draw insights from satellite data using ML and remote sensing technology.

Artificial intelligence- It is a bit expensive tool and difficult to implement. So many machine learning tools are trying to bring Artificial Intelligence to a broader audience and make it easy to use for everyone. It is now mostly used in the tech industries where it has produced new products and services and has created efficiencies.

Generative adversarial network (GAN) – This network has the ability to reimagine images in different ways like- it can turn horses into zebras. GANs have been used to create realistic- sounding speech and photo-realistic fake imagery.

Crypto anchors- These are digital footprints which help consumers and companies to check the authenticity of different products. It can also be said as Block Chain. It saves digital information about products through their sensors and algorithms. It will save the world from fraudulent practices and will help the world economy to lose billions of dollars.

Opportunity is in digitalizing physical assets and leveraging Block Chain to ensure that transactions against those assets are done in a very secure manner-Ramanathan

Zero knowledge proof- This tool is a cryptographic protocol and is also known as zero-knowledge proof. The credit for the creation of practical zero-knowledge proof goes to a digital currency called Zcash. This gives the facility of Internet privacy. With the help of this tool, we can prove that we have enough money in our bank without revealing our balance details.

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